3 Special Gift Ideas for a Special Mum

The bond you have with our mother is one like no other. We share our happy times with them, as well as the more challenging times in our lives. Whatever happens, whether good or bad, we know our mothers are always there for us.

So, if your mum has a birthday coming up, this is your chance to show her just how much she means to you. Even if it’s not her birthday, why not buy her a gift and spoil her anyway? There’s no rule to say you have to have a reason!

Surprising her with a gift when she isn’t expecting one is a great way of saying ‘Thank You’ for everything she’s done.

1. A Locket

Lockets come in all shapes and sizes, so take your time to find one to suit her personal tastes. Pop in a picture of all the family together so she can keep you all close to her heart every day. If you have children, pop in a picture of them instead and include a lock of their hair. Any grandmother’s heart is guaranteed to melt at receiving this gift!

2. Porcelain Doll

Porcelain dolls have been popular since as far back as the nineteenth century. They remain just as popular today and are a wonderful addition to anybody’s household. They’re often hand-painted with fine attention to detail, making each one completely unique to its owner. You can also personalise the gift by buying a doll that shares the same name as your mother. Or, if she has an interest in the British monarchy, you could opt for a doll based on a member of the Royal Family.

3. A Tree

A tree makes a wonderful gift because it’s a living thing that your mother will actually be able to watch grow. Do a little research beforehand and learn about the symbolic meanings of different trees. For example, Rowan trees are symbolic of healing and  protection. Oak trees are symbolic of wisdom, longevity and family. Pick something that has a special relevance to your mother, or your family as a whole. Make an occasion of planting it and if you keep it in a pot, involve the whole family in decorating it.

As it matures over the coming years, you can make it the centrepiece of special family occasions. At Christmas and birthdays you can hang family keepsakes from it, or decorate it with fairy lights. Or, if you’re the creative type, you can hang jam jars with tea lights from the branches of the tree. Wrap the jars in different coloured cellophane and fasten it to the tree using ribbon. It’s inexpensive, incredibly easy to do, and creates the perfect evening ambience for a summer garden party. A tree makes the perfect gift, because it’s something the whole family can enjoy for many years to come.

We’re all guilty of taking our mothers for granted at some point, or another. So, whatever you decide to buy, ensure it’s a gift that reminds her just how special and valued she is.