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The Secrets to House Cleaning Like a Pro

No matter how much time and effort you put into cleaning your house, some things just don’t seem to want to come clean. You might just accept this as a fact of life, when in actual fact there’s probably a pro cleaning tip out there you could use that would fix your problem for good! Read on for some professional secrets that will make cleaning your house much simpler and easier.

Speedy chandelier cleaners

Spraying each piece of a chandelier separately takes a lot of time, not to mention you’re probably balancing yourself on a ladder as you do it. To make this easier, try buying a spray on chandelier cleaner. All you need to do is protect the floor underneath the chandelier from drips using plastic tarp or something similar, and then all you need to do is spray the chandelier thoroughly.

Scum-proof your shower

Keeping glass shower doors free from streaks can be a task, but it’s easy once you know what the pros do. First of all you should attack the door with glass cleaner, and then scrape off tough build up with a razor blade. Dry the doors with a microfiber cloth, and your shower doors will be shiny and streak free!

Swap your cotton rags for microfiber

Go to your cleaning cupboard and throw away all of your cotton rags and paper towels; replacing them with more effective microfiber rags. These rags are really clever; they attract dust and dirt while cleaning, making the job much easier. You don’t even need to use sprays or chemicals!

Duct tape for dog hair

Duct tape is actually an ideal tool for cleaning. The method of using duct tape for dog and other pet hair is much faster than hoovering, and really effective. Simply grab a paint roller and cover in duct tape sticky side up, then roll around the hairy areas and they should be hair free in minutes!

Scrape soap scum with a plastic putty knife

Soap has a horrible habit of forming hard to remove film on baths and showers. Unfortunately, the film can’t be removed by rubbing no matter how hard you try. Instead, use a plastic putty knife to scrape away the film!

Forget the broom

If you work in your garage in any way, whether that’s with wood, plants, or something else altogether; it probably gets very dusty. People can spend ages dusting their garages, however, there’s a much easier way to get your garage dust-free. A leaf blower can blow all of the dust, mud, and wood chippings out of your garage in no time at all. Just remember to put away papers and anything else you don’t want blown away first!

If you’re still finding your house difficult to clean, you could always call a cleaning company like Ideal Services to give you a hand. Hiring a cleaning company to clean your house will not only leave it looking professional, it’s great for when you’re short on time. However, once you’ve tried these professional tips you’ll probably find cleaning the house is a total breeze!