Lets Talk About the Reduced Aisle and Yellow Stickers

There’s no shame in looking at reduced items, when it comes to saving yourself money. As more and more people these days have less money each week to buy food like they used to, you are going to have to be fast.

Those yellow sticker reduced items get snatched up in minutes!

What reduced food is best to buy?

Firstly you need to know what type of things you can freeze, this helps so much especially when you’ve got to be quick.

There are foods such as bread, fresh meat/fish, herbs, pizzas, cheese, butter etc which you can freeze. You need to educate yourself about what you can and cannot freeze.

Our friend recently called into her local shop, she picked up a couple of tins of tomatoes which were very cheap. When she went to pay, the assistant said if you like butter we’ve got the last 10 packs in the freezer over there for 10p each! Yes 10p each! Well needless to say our friend was at the freezer like a whippet!

She saved herself a small fortune for the next 5 weeks or so as it was a butter she has bought in the past and it was nice. But if that butter was one she didn’t like, there would have been no point in buying it whether it was 10p each or not.

What to look out for

If you’re anything like us we go through a lot of cheese and sliced meats (especially for school packed lunches). You’ll notice that in most large supermarkets you will always find these items reduced at the end of the day.

Grab these sliced meats if like them. You can freeze them and defrost as and when you need them for sandwiches/meals etc.

A good idea is to split the bags up if there is a large quantity in one. That way you don’t have to defrost the lot in one go, you can do it in stages so none gets wasted.

The thing about shopping and looking at reduced items is about saving money. You have to think can I actually feed us all for that portion what is on offer? or will that be good for so and so’s lunch next week instead of the usual pricey food I buy? It’s all about swapping and adapting when you find good bargains.

When is the best time to get reduced items?

There is no harm whatsoever in asking an assistant at what time they reduced some of the food items in store.

Whilst coming home from work I walk past a Sainsbury’s supermarket and a small Marks & Spencer’s food store. I’ve got to know now that they reduce food items that need to be eaten that day at around 5pm, M&S can be anytime between 5 & 5.30pm. So for me this is perfect timing, I head straight to the reduced section and scan to see what I can buy. I don’t buy all the time as sometimes there are things that I wouldn’t entertain even if it was free. I’ve had absolutely loads of food over the past year or so.

M&S have some tasty food which always gets reduced in price. I would never usually shop here as my budget wouldn’t allow it especially to feed all the family.

Last Friday I went past knowing full well I was going to do my weekly shop the next day so I had a look to see what I could find. There was a family quiche (serves 4-5) reduced from £4.50 to 70p. Next I spotted 6 ‘Posh Dogs’, which are gorgeous large sausages with seasoning on for only 90p reduced from £4.00. So already I had saved myself a small fortune and got 2 meals for my family near enough for £1.60!

Remember there is no shame whatsoever in looking at reduced food. If you are skint, or need to tighten your money belt then do it. You’ll soon get the hang of it and you will spot those reduced yellow stickers a mile away after a while!

Featured image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay