Why You Should Start Printing Your Photographs

Remember the good old days of cameras? Remember the feelings that you felt from flicking through your prints?  Photographs are not just pieces of paper; they are memories. They invoke feelings and emotions that you never knew were possible.

It seems that in the age of the camera phone we have forgotten how to print out pictures. Sure, we can flick through them on our phones, upload them to Facebook and store them lovingly in a file on our computers, but we never seem to print out photos anymore.

Printing photos seems to have become something of a lost art. If you want to remember nights out, day trips, holidays and the like, you need to start printing your photos. While photographs may fade, your memories certainly won’t. Unless, of course, you have put a hazy Instagram filter on to your photos in order to make them look more professional. Who needs a professional photographer when you have a filter?


Thank you, Johan Blomstrom, for the image

Printing out Photos at Home

This is possibly the most cost-effective way to print out your digital photographs. With the changes in technology, this means that you can print out quality prints from the comfort of your front room. There is no need for specialist equipment, just a simple colour printer and a plethora of photograph paper. Of course, while this solution is a cheap way to print out your beloved memories, you will be compromising quality for price. While this may not be an issue if you are simply adorning your work space with photographs, it may not be the best solution for those who want to display beautiful photographs in the home.

Instagram Mania

If you are anything like me, you are crazy about Instagramming your photos. Whatever you decide to filter you can now print through professional companies. Printing Instagram photos at home is incredibly problematic. For some reason, you end up with hazy prints that don’t translate well onto paper. The key is to send your Instagram photos to a professional who can print them on your behalf. This ensures that your memories and photos remain good quality.

You can choose from fridge magnets to traditional prints to photobooks. The world of Instagram photography is your oyster. What is more, it is a completely affordable printing solution. Print Instagram photos and ensure that you have gorgeous, professional looking photos that you can cherish for a lifetime. However, it may not be worthwhile paying to print photos of your dinner!

Professional Prints

Should you not have Instagrammed every photo that you have taken, you may well want to look at getting professional prints done of your unfiltered photos. While printing at home is a cheap solution, you will be compromising quality. There is a plethora of online photo printing companies available online that provide high quality prints of your most treasured memories.

A simple Google search will bring back hundreds of companies that print photos. There may be some offers on digital prints too, so not only are you getting a professional service but you can also save a few bucks too.

Photographs are precious. Don’t let your memories be relegated to the depths of Facebook. Print your photos and enjoy them in their traditional format.