How Changing Service Suppliers Can Save You Money

If you’re looking to cut your monthly expenses, changing service suppliers is one of the best things you can do. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever before to switch suppliers. Simply type in a few basic details into a comparison website, find the best deals and then make the switch online.

However, despite how easy it is to make the switch to a cheaper supplier, many households are still paying more than they should. This is typically down to a lack of understanding over how much they could save and how easy it is to switch. So, if you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth making the switch, here you’ll discover how changing suppliers can save you money.

Using comparison websites to switch service suppliers

The best way to save money when switching suppliers, is to use a comparison website. These will show you the cheapest deals available to you depending upon your circumstances.

What’s especially great about comparison websites, is that you can compare hundreds of different suppliers in just a matter of minutes. You simply type a few basic details in, then the comparison website searches the web for the best deals from hundreds of different suppliers. It’s then down to you to select which one is the best fit.

It’s important to note here that you shouldn’t only focus on the cost. While some suppliers may come back with a cheaper quote, they may not include the same level of service as you’re currently receiving. So, make sure nothing is missed out of a cheaper deal before you sign up.

It’s also worth noting that a small numbers of companies do not ‘advertise’ on comparison websites. Direct Line is one example. So be aware that although comparison websites do save you time, they don’t know about every offer available to you. Check out the pros and cons of using comparison websites.

Negotiating a better deal with your current service suppliers

Did you know it’s possible to negotiate a cheaper deal with your suppliers? This is especially true when it comes to mobile phone providers, broadband, satellite TV and energy suppliers. Companies are often keen to offer lower prices in order to keep you as a customer. So, if they find out you’re thinking of leaving, there’s a high possibility they will offer you a better deal to stay with them.

The best time to try to negotiate a better deal is just before the renewal date, when you’re almost free to leave and go wherever you want. You have the upper hand, so explain to the customer service person that you like the service but it’s costing you too much money. Many companies will offer you a discount to keep you as a customer.

Which suppliers can you change?

You can switch practically every supplier you use. This includes your network provider, energy supplier, insurance provider and even your bank account. Did you know there are a wide range of bank accounts available these days and some offer much lower charges and fees than others? So, it’s even worth looking into switching your bank account if you currently pay a lot in charges each month.

What are you waiting for?

Service providers know people are lazy and typically won’t move to another company. Even if they’ll save a lot of money. Instead, they’ll just renew their contract whenever it’s due. 

Big mistake!

You aren’t rewarded for loyalty anymore. But you will be rewarded for switching.

These are just some of the ways changing suppliers can help you to save money. It takes just a few minutes if you do it online and you could end up saving a small fortune for your efforts.

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