7 Really Useful Tips When Buying Clothes for Your Little Ones

Kids and toddlers grow so quickly it can seem like their wardrobe is forever changing and you are forever shopping for new clothes for them. You may even find yourself stressing out over this ongoing cycle.

I know exactly what you are going through; I have a four-year-old boy!

Here are my top six suggestions for helping you cope with clothes shopping for toddlers.

1) Always buy clothes that are a little too big rather than a snug fit

I’m sure you remember, as you stood in front of the mirror in your new ‘knee-length’ winter coat, your parent’s encouraging refrain: “don’t worry, it looks lovely, you’ll grow into it!” They were trying their best to make you feel better, and it usually worked!

I’m sure we’ve all said the same thing to our children, as we think about how long it’s going to be before we have to once again dip into our purse for a replacement whatever-it-is.

One of the reasons for buying slightly larger clothes is that your child could go through a growth spurt at any time. And while you can’t guarantee newer clothes will still fit, there is a better chance of them doing so if you allow room to grow.

2) Take advantage of sales

Shops are always having sales and you can grab some serious bargains during such times. Don’t buy for the sake of it though, only buy what you really need. The exception to this rule is shoes and massively discounted expensive items, such as famous brands and designer labels.

3) Think about the future

If you find a bargain, think about the coming months and perhaps even the year ahead; is it worth buying two or three items of same piece of clothing in different, progressively larger sizes? Sometimes it really is!

4) Quality or quantity?

It’s a tough call between the two, as you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Try estimating how many times your child will wear the item you are thinking of buying, and the types of activities your child will be doing when he/she is wearing it.

It’s not worth spending £20 on a pair of jeans for playing out, but you should be prepared to spend at least the same amount (or a little less) on trousers for a special occasion.

5) Buy online

Don’t be afraid of buying clothes online. You can sometimes find great clothes at ridiculously low prices.

When you buy clothes online, you should always check the returns policy of the retailer. The page might be difficult to find, so try using the search facility, look at the links at the bottom of the page or read the terms and conditions.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of buying online is the ability to try the clothes on in the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of your own home. Most kids hate clothes shopping (so do some adults), and being asked to ‘hold out your arm’ or ‘stand still’ adds to the nightmare.

Buying online and trying at home removes a lot of stress.

6) Try it on

If you can, let your little ones try clothes on before you buy. You will always have the issue of the clothing being a good fit, but you should also consider the feel of the item. Is the material scratchy or too heavy? Kids notice these things and could make your life a nightmare when it comes to wearing what you have bought!

7) Let them choose

If your child is old enough, let them choose some clothes they like, while you make the final decision. Ask them to look at the racks and choose a few items to try-on. This way you stand a good chance of making the shopping trip enjoyable, rather than a living hell.

So, there we have it. Six tips to make clothes shopping for toddlers a little easier. Do you have any more tips? Perhaps you have some stories you would like to share?

There’s plenty of space in the comments section!

Featured image by Alterio Felines from Pixabay