The World’s Most Expensive Dishes


Food is a global passion. Some of the finest culinary establishments have long waiting lists for people to enjoy some of the finest cuisine in the world, there are dishes that are unlike any other and people are frantic in their desperation to try creations developed by the highly rated chefs.

We all have our favourite foods, classic dishes that we enjoy at different times that leave us with different feelings whether it is comfort, contentment, or pure pleasure. Across the world, there are culinary geniuses that have put an entirely new spin on the classic dishes that have worldwide popularity. The food choices, the delicacies that accompany classic items, the preparation all play a part in the creation of the final dish are equally responsible for the large price tags that some of the dishes come with.

The tools and methods used by food enthusiasts are no different to an ordinary person; they still use ovens, grills, appliances and things like kitchenaid blender parts to make combinations that leave us startled. The end result however seems to be entirely different to anything we could ever produce…

The World’s Most Expensive Steak

Maryland, in America is responsible for the most lusted after steak in the world. Made from Japanese beef that was previously banned across certain parts of the globe, the dish is a version of the typical ‘Steak and Chips’ concept. The beef takes years of preparation to make a mouth watering tastes, the cows are fed beer to improve the flavours in the meat and the marbling effect in the meat is a reflection of the low fat and good quality diet of the cows. Priced at $350 it is said to be well worth the extreme price tag.

Decadence in a Dessert

For $750 you are able to indulge in a cupcake that is made from gold, caviar, luxury chocolate, Louis XIII cognac and hand blown sugar. The Palazzo in Vegas is responsible for the finest cupcake in the world and true cake enthusiasts have flocked to try the dessert delight that takes four hours to produce.

$1000 for a Taste of Italy

Pizza is the ultimate indulgent food that we turn to during all times, whether it is too share with friends or experience in Italy. It is one of the most popular dishes with so many variations and types. 4 types of caviar and lobster litter this thin-based pizza that sells for an astonishing price in New York.

Drink away $5,500

A combination of rare cognac, liquor, coraco and 20th century bitter has led to the creation of the cocktail known as the ‘Salvatore’s legacy’. Very few have paid the $5,500 price tag to try the once in a lifetime drink, or any of its additional flavours, which make up the same legacy.

A Little Bit of Luxury

Scotland is home to a cocktail consisting of vodka and lemon but with a price tag of £3,250 this is no ordinary alcoholic drink. The accompanying item with the drink is an £18k white gold ring…

Image: Jenny Downing

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